California American Water Co.

Phone Number: 626-614-2542
Contact: Brian Barreto

Sunnyslope Water Co.

Phone Number: 626-287-5238
Contact: Accounting Department

Athens Services

Phone Number: 626-336-3636
Contact: Ed Chen

Golden State Water Company

Phone Number: 626-446-5176
Contact: Gabriel Gomez

At Golden State Water Company, it has been all about water for more than 80 years.  Our team of professionals delivers reliable, quality water and great service to customers in 75 communities across California. Golden State Water is committed to providing its customers with water that meets all state and federal drinking water standards. We work to balance maintaining the water system with being efficient so that rates are reasonable.

The Gas Company

Phone Number: (800) 427-2200
Contact: Helen Shaw

East Pasadena Water Company

Phone Number: (626) 793-6189
Fax Number: (626) 793-0503

So. California Edison Co.

Phone Number: 626-221-9311
Contact: Jeannette Soriano